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What is a Content Management System (or CMS)?

CMS stands for Content Management System. A content management system allows the user (website owner/administrator) the ability to log into the back end of their website with a unique username and password. Once logged in the user can make changes to the website content area.


What are the benefits of a CMS?

  • The ability to make changes to your content as you please. For example, posting blogs, updating contact information, creating additional pages or special pages, adding products, plus loads more reasons. And it’s easy to do. You don’t have to be technically minded to be able to use a CMS.

  • Keeping information fresh and up to date is something that search engines love. So to be able to do that quickly and easily without having to employ a webmaster is a must for any business.

  • Keeping your content up to date can be done by any approved user in your business.

  • Changing the content won’t interfere with the design on your website, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally changing the design.


What are the benefits of Velvet Web® CMS?

We’ve developed VelvetCMS with the end user in mind. We currently have users using the system that have very little technical experience and they competently use it with little to no training. You don’t need to be a developer to use our software. Anyone can design awesome unique websites with VelvetCMS.

We’ve also developed VelvetCMS so that if you are a developer you can easily plug in your own code so to allow you to get really creative!

We use some of the latest state of the art web technology, including:

PHP 7+ - Java Script - HTML5 - CSS3 - SQL

JQuery - Bootstrap - TinyMCE


Can I use Velvet Web® CMS on a mobile device?

Yes! We design for mobile first. With current statistics showing that up to 80% of web searches are carried out on mobile devices, our system has been created with that in mind. Not only does the front end of the website look great on mobile devices, but the back end works great too so that you can make quick changes easily from any device, anywhere. If you’ve got an idea for a blog, you can post it right away. Or if you need to suddenly change your opening hours while you’re out on the road, that’s no problem.


Is Velvet Web® CMS Search Engine Friendly?

In short, yes. There are many aspects to the overall makeup of a website that make it search engine friendly. VelvetCMS is optimised so that it complies with search engine algorithms and the technology is written so that pages load super fast, which is something else that search engines favour.

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What are the Benefits of Velvet Web® CMS?

Easy to Use! Create beautifully custom designed websites without the need to touch a line of code!

If you do like to do a bit of coding, it's super easy to add your own CSS, Javascript or HTML.

Become part of our community and be part of the development of some exciting new web development technology as it evolves.

VelvetCMS has been developed by web designers for web designers. It's a very flexible system that more easily allows you to be artistically creative and not have to think like a developer. 


Velvet Web® CMS allows you to create:

Beautifully designed responsive websites with loads of flexibility

Small-Medium Shopping Carts with Paypal Check Out, Buy Now and Subscription buttons

Custom Online Forms

Progressive Web Applications (still in development *watch this space*)

What's in it for us?

All we want from you in return is your honest to goodness feedback. Is that it? Yes! We want to create a product that is great to use.


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